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Sports Medicine Doctor Specializing in Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft Tissue Injuries

“Soft tissue injury” is a broad category that contains a wide variety of injuries commonly sustained by athletes during sports. But just because these injuries are common doesn’t mean they aren’t serious, and without soft tissue injury treatment from an experienced sports medicine doctor near you, they can become progressively worse and inhibit your ability to perform on the field or court.

At PT Family Medicine, Dr. Michael Wong and his sports medicine team are proud to offer experienced, patient-focused soft tissue pain treatment to athletes across the Pittsburgh area. As an independent practice, we’re proud of the personalized approach that allows us to make every patient feel seen and cared for in our office. We’ll take the time to provide you with an accurate diagnosis, then help you select the best treatment option for your individual needs.

If you’re ready to receive hands-on, individualized soft tissue swelling treatment and relief from the best orthopedic doctor Pittsburgh has to offer, don’t wait. Schedule your first appointment with the team at PT Family Medicine today.

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Expert Soft Tissue Specialist in Pittsburgh, PA

Treatments & Diagnoses for Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are injuries that occur to the skin, muscles, tendons, or ligaments – the “soft tissues” – rather than the bone. Because sports inherently involve using the muscles, often to their maximum capacity, athletes are at a higher risk than others of sustaining these types of injuries while on the field, in the pool, on the court, or wherever you love to play.

The most common types of soft tissue injuries we see in athletes at PT Family Medicine include:

Sprains and strains happen as a result of one of your tendons or ligaments being overextended, or in some cases, torn. If you’ve sustained any of these injuries, or you’re unsure of the source of your pain, schedule an appointment with PT Family Medicine for an accurate diagnosis and a thorough discussion of your treatment options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which athletes are most commonly affected by soft tissue injuries?

Soft tissue injuries are the most common type of injury sustained by athletes of any kind. However, patients whose sports involve abrupt pivoting, jumping, and sprinting – including football players, soccer players, basketball players, and runners – are all at a higher risk for soft tissue injuries than others.

How can I find short-term relief from a minor sports injury?

If you’ve sustained a minor soft tissue injury – such as a mild sprain or strain – and are not in need of immediate emergency attention, you can use the RICE method to find relief from pain prior to your doctor’s appointment:

  • Rest the injured area.
  • Ice the area to relieve swelling and numb the area for pain.
  • Compress the area using a cloth or bandage.
  • Elevate the affected area to reduce swelling.

Do you accept insurance for soft tissue injury care?

Yes! PT Family Medicine believes in making sports medicine accessible, and we’re proud to accept insurance from a number of providers across the Pittsburgh area. Visit our Insurance page to view our list of accepted providers, and reach out to us with any questions you have about your coverage.

How can I get started with the best sports medicine specialist near me?

At PT Family Medicine, it’s important to us that our sports medicine services are as accessible as possible. We’ve made it easy to request an appointment – just using our online scheduling tool to select a time that works for you, and we’ll reach out as soon as possible.